Muteki dangerous
B-Project: Muteki*Dangerous
Platforms iOS/Android
Company N/A
Song Muteki*Dangerous
Official Twitter @BPRO_game
Official Website

B-Project: Muteki*Dangerous (B-PROJECT~無敵*デンジャラス~ B-Project: Invincible*Dangerous) is rhythm game for the B-Project series. It was due to be released at the end of 2016, but the release date was changed to winter 2017. The game was finally released on June 28th, 2017.

History Edit

The game was first announced on August 6, 2016. The B-Project official Twitter tweeted[1] teaser pictures of a TV commercial[2] featuring Ryuji and also announced that a new song for the game was also in production.On September 24 there were more announcements made, showing sneak peeks of the story game play[3] and the rhythm game play[4]. There were also two more TV commercials, this time featuring Tomohisa[5]and Hikaru[6].

On October 14th a preview of the game's main theme, also called Muteki*Dangerous, was played on B-Project Radio Gandara BB #14[7]. A new visual was also released. Then on January 13th 2017 the official Twitter[8] and official website[9] were released, along with a preregistration campaign for the game and the full opening video for the game[10].

Finally on June 28th, 2017 the game was released to the public, but had to go offline shortly afterwards due to the unexpected amount of people flooding the game. By July 7th the game

Gameplay Edit

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Gameplay consists of completing Quests and gaining items to train and level up your cards, then using those cards to form units and play songs in Lives. Quests are divided up into Main Quests, Daily Quests, and Event Quests. Main Quests have a story to read, and Daily Quests let you collect more tickets for Idol Train. In Idol Train you increase your card's stats by using tickets to clear an idol skill tree. At the end of the tree you are able to bloom the card and change its appearance, as well as it getting a stat boost. Finally, in Lives you get to play the songs and difficulties you unlocked in the Main Quests.

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