Color of Heart
Kodou ambitious dvd 5
Kanji Color of Heart
Romaji Color of Heart
Type Character Song
Artist Kazuna Masunaga

Color of Heart is a character song for Kazuna Masunaga. It was included in the fifth volume of the B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious anime Blu-ray/DVD, along with Kento Aizome's character song.

Track ListingEdit






本当の素顔なら 見せないで
そうやって僕は 嘘つきなまま微笑う(わらう)

君の瞳 映る僕はLiar?
それでもいいと 君の前で思えなくて

何故だろう君にだけ 見透かされてしまう

ふいに胸の中に 君色の絵の具 混ざっていく
時を止めて 少しだけ 今は触れないで

The color of heart with you

完璧を求めては 彷徨って

纏ってたものは 偽りという鎧

でもどこかで 虚しさはLoop




この鎧 脱ぎ捨てよう ありのままを知って

君がみせた笑顔 どんな嘘も 意味もなさないと

やっと気付けそうだから 側にいて欲しい

The color of heart with you 

君だけが心ごと 語りかけてくれた

ふいにこの世界に 鮮やかな虹が 混ざっていく
時を止めて 少しだけ 君に触れたくて

The color of heart with you

Do not show it if you have a real true face
In that way I am smiling like a liar (laugh)

I see in your eyes, am I a liar?
Even so, I do not think that in front of you

This world is monochrome
Even if no one knows
Why am I being seen only by you

The colors of your painting mix in the chest
Stop time and do not touch for a while now

The color of heart with you

Seeking perfection wandering around
Armor that is worn is a lie

But somewhere emptiness is looped

The pain penetrates through the body

If you are anyone

If you are willing to accept

Let's throw this armor off

The smile that you showed me
said that no lies will make sense

Finally I want you to stay with me
as it seems to be noticed

The color of heart with you

My color is monochrome
Even if no one knows
Only you have spoken to our hearts

A vivid rainbow mixes in this suddenly

Stop time as I want to touch you a little bit

The color of heart with you