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Title Page
Muteki Dangerous Title Screen
Muteki Dangerous Title Screen Options

On the bottom right of the title screen tap the box with three lines to bring up the options menu. Here you can clear your cache, transfer a new account's data to your device, view the terms and conditions, or contact Support.


For a full script translation see here

Yashamaru will greet you and allow you to input your nickname, in game name, and birthdate. Your nickname is what will appear to other players when you show up for support and in their friend's list, and your in game name is what the characters in the story will refer to you as.

Muteki Dangerous Player Name Input
After he brings you to the stage, he'll show you the photographer and you will do a 10 photo scout, 'photos' being 'cards' in this game. You will get at least one SR rarity photo in this scout.
Muteki Dangerous Tutorial Scout

Afterwards you will get to see the opening movie for the game. Yashamaru will then give you a 3 question quiz. See here for the quiz translation. [coming soon]

After the quiz you will be guided to the first Main Quest.

Menu Bar
Muteki Dangerous Menu Bar Home

Home Edit

Muteki Dangerous Home Screen
  1. Player's Level and Experience bar
  2. Hearts, used for playing Lives
  3. Crystals the Player has, the premium currency. Used for Photos, expanding the Member list, replenishing Hearts, ect.
  4. Banner with featured Events, Photo Opportunities, and other news
  5. Present Box
  6. Tasks
  7. News
  8. By tapping the arrows to the left and right, you can change the appearance of the Home screen
Muteki Dangerous Menu Button

Menu Edit

The Menu is accessed from the top right of the Home screen.
Muteki Dangerous Menu
  • Shop In the Shop you're able to buy Crystals, special Item Bundles, refill your Hearts, and buy more space for your Photo Album.
Muteki Dangerous Shop
  • Items Check your items here; how many tickets, keys, ect. that you have (does not include what's in your Present Box, you must accept them from your Present Box first)
  • Crystals See the total amount of Crystals you have on hand, as well as how many were bought and how many are free
  • Friends Your friends list. The left middle tab allows you to input a friend's ID to add them to your list. Alternatively, the bottom left tab allows you to add them by their Nickname instead.
  • Transfer Code Allows you to issue a transfer code for your account. First you choose a 6 digit password. Then you are given 3 different codes, all of which you need to transfer: a game ID, transfer code, and your chosen password.
  • Memorial All the Stories, CGs, and voice clips will be listed here so you can see them again.
  • System Settings such as volume, push notifications, birthday, and in game name can be changed here. Note that once you set a birthday you cannot change it.
  • Live Settings
Muteki Dangerous Live Menu 1
Muteki Dangerous Live Menu 3
Muteki Dangerous Live Menu 2
  • Support Frequently Asked Questions and a way to mail the staff are supplied
  • Help
  • Various Documents
  • Official Site
  • To Title Screen
  • OP Movie
Muteki Dangerous Menu Bar Member

Member Edit


Muteki Dangerous Member
Unit Formation You can form up to 5 Units and change their formations. You can also name each Unit by tapping the pen above the cards
Idol Training Here you use the tickets you've gained in the Quests and Lives to upgrade the stats of the Photo you choose. You unlock Stories and Skills, and the last node is an Awaken node which will change the card's appearance as well as give it a stat boost
Muteki Dangerous Idol Train Tree
Node Meaning
Muteki Dangerous Idol Train Appeal Node
Muteki Dangerous Idol Train Vocal Node
Muteki Dangerous Idol Train Dance Node
Use Tickets on these nodes to clear them and increase the corresponding stat for the Photo. Pink raises Appeal, blue raises Vocal, and green raises Dance.
Muteki Dangerous Idol Train Story Node
Unlocks a story for the Photo
Muteki Dangerous Idol Train Skill Node
Unlocks/Raises the Skill level for the Photo
Muteki Dangerous Idol Train Awaken Node
Awakens the Photo and changes it's appearance, in addition to giving it a stat boost

Idol Rank Here you level up a Photo's Rank by feeding it multiples of the same Photo. The star on a Photo's image tells you the current Rank it has. By increasing a Photo's Rank you unlock more nodes in the Idol Training tree.

Photo Album Here you can look at the Photos you've collected so far, and can also sell them. Tapping the button in the middle on the top switches between Viewing and Selling mode. In Viewing mode you can tap a card to look at stats and lock them so they can't be sold. In Selling mode tap the cards you want to exchange for tickets and then press the pink button to confirm.
Muteki Dangerous Photo Album
Yashamaru Q & A In this section Yashamaru helps to guide you though what to do in the game, giving you information on things like what kinds of Units to build and increasing your Player Level and such. For a fully translated script see here.

Muteki Dangerous Menu Bar Live

Live Edit

Muteki Dangerous Live Menu

The Live button will lead you to the songs and difficulties you've unlocked from the Main Quests. By playing the songs you can get Rewards such as tickets, Heart recovery items, and Keys. Tapping Rewards will let you check what you've completed already for a certain difficulty on a song.

Muteki Dangerous Menu Bar Quest
Quests are the main feature of the game.

They are divided into a few different categories such as:

  • Main Quests These are divided into Units which have their own story to read throughout the map. This is also where you unlock songs to play in the Live tab.
  • Daily Quests Each day this changes and you get different tickets to use in Idol Train
  • Event Quests To be seen
Muteki Dangerous Quest Menu
For each Quest there are a different amount of Nodes and different Missions to complete. There is also usually a Locked Node, and here you will see what you will obtain when you unlock it. You can also see what you will get by completing the entire Quest.
Muteki Dangerous Quest Tasks
Node Meaning
Muteki Dangerous Quest AR Activity
A&R Activities These nodes divide your unit cards into 4 categories; Appeal, Vocal, Dance, and Random. Tap an area to get tickets corresponding to the attribute (Random will give you a random attribute’s tickets).
Muteki Dangerous Quest Map Office
Office These have you complete a 3 question quiz, usually with Yashamaru, Atsushi, or Shuuji. He will ask you to choose a card first, and if the card’s attribute matches the attribute he says you will get a 1.5 point multiplier. The points go towards different rewards at the end. For clearing it you get tickets and a bit of experience, plus the affection of the card you selected. goes up by 1.
Muteki Dangerous Quest Map Live
Live These require you to play a song and clear it. If this is your first time playing this song you will have it unlocked in the Live section.
Muteki Dangerous Quest Map Gift
Gift These nodes are free gifts containing mostly tickets for leveling your cards.
Muteki Dangerous Quest Map Story
Story These nodes have you read a story centered on the unit in the Quest banner. Special CGs will appear here.
Locked Node Lock These nodes are usually gift nodes that are locked until you complete an objective, such as leveling your cards.
Muteki Dangerous Menu Bar Photo
This is the gacha, where you scout for new cards. Cards in this game are known as Photos. You can scout here using either Crystals, or special Gold (SSR Photos), Silver (SR/SSR Photos), or Bronze (R-SSR) tickets. You are able to scout for a special set of cards that will change once a new set is released. Fixed on July 20th 2017, now every pull will get you a guaranteed SR or higher photo for a 10 Photo shoot!
Muteki Dangerous Gacha

  • 1 Shot allows you to take one Photo for 15 Crystals
  • 10 Shot allows you to take 10 Photos for 150 Crystals
Muteki Dangerous Menu Bar Profile
This is your Profile where you can see your main Unit and Photo, as well as Player Level, Trophies you may have obtained, and your ID to share with friends. In the second screen you are able to change your Nickname and which Trophy is made visible in the Support and Friends lists.
Muteki Dangerous Profile
Muteki Dangerous Profile Menu 1
Muteki Dangerous Profile Menu 2