Kento Aizome Edit

Goushi and Kento are band-mates, but the two generally have arguments seen at some points in the anime, mostly due to Goushi´s bad temper. He finds it annoying seen in episode 1 when Kento flirts with women, specifically Tsubasa. Nevertheless, despite their seemingly difficult relationship, Goushi does cares about Kento.

Hikaru Osari Edit

The two are on good terms, even though they do not speak nor talk to each other much.

Yuuta Ashuu Edit

Goushi and Yuuta are band-mates, and Yuuta is usually the one who breaks up arguments between him and Kento. Nevertheless, Goushi does care about Yuuta.

Yuzuki and Haruhi Teramitsu Edit

Yuzuki and Haruhi are Goushi's kouhais. The three are very close despite Goushi acting cold towards the twins with his tsundere nature. In 2D STAR Magazine interviews, the twins revealed that they spend time together with Goushi a lot. Goushi often comes over to their room and yell at Haruhi for being messy. Even so, he always ends up helping with the cleaning When mentioned that they seem to really like Goushi, Haruhi replied that it's not just like, but love and Yuzuki agreed.