Haruhi Teramitsu
Haruhi Teramitsu
Haruhi Teramitsu
Kanji 寺光遙日
Romaji Haruhi Teramitsu
Nickname Haru (by Yuzuki Teramitsu, Ryuji Korekuni & Yuuta Ashuu)

Harurun (by Mikado Sekimura)
Harupyon (by Akane Fudo & Hikaru Osari)

Birthday April 9th
Horoscope Aries
Height 173 cm
Weight 58 kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Relatives Yuzuki Teramitsu (Older Twin Brother)
Units Killer King logo cropped
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 1: Brand New World
Seiyuu |CV =八代 拓 (Taku Yashiro)

Haruhi Teramitsu (寺光遙日, Teramitsu Haruhi) is an idol and a member of Killer King. He has a twin brother, Yuzuki Teramitsu.


Haruhi is a young man with a slim built. He has blond hair styled into a mullet and bright blue eyes.


He is the complete opposite of Yuzuki, the more extroverted and talkative of the two like his band-mate, Akane. Has a brother complex due to being the younger one.

Trivia Edit

  • Haruhi and Yuzuki are half English and were raised in England
  • Close with Goushi.
  • Used to try competing in drink contests for prizes but would get discouraged halfway through
  • Hobby is movie appreciation
  • Likes his brother, concerts and soccer
  • Dislikes horror genre and tests
  • Haruhi's monster familiar is Haruricchi