Welcome to the B-Project Fandom Wiki, thank you for being here! Below are some rules and editing guidelines for this wiki to help you. This will be added to and changed occassionally, so check back every once in a while when you see it's been edited in the Recent Activity tab. Feel free to comment on this page if there are questions! 

Last Edit: September 23, 2018

General Rules

Enforcement is ultimately up to the discretion of the admins. If there is a problem or something you're not comfortable with on the Wiki feel free to contact an admin. Generally first offences result in a warning, and later infractions may lead to a block on further posting and editing on the Wiki.

  1. Be kind to and respect other Wiki members, including new comers. Help out when you can. We're all in this together.
  1. If there should be a disagreement talk it out respectfully via a user's Message wall. If there's a problem with harassment contact and admin and they will take care of it. 


Anyone is free to edit the Wiki. We are always open to new submissions and currently we're lacking tons of information. Any help is appreciated. Here are some rules and guidelines to keep in mind while editing this Wiki:


1) If you are unsure if something should be added or not, you may comment on the page and discuss it with other Wiki members. If you're unsure of going into the code to add something you may ask someone to help you out with it and add it into the page however you can. 

2) Please make note of what you edit when you finish with a page. When you go to save your work there is a box to type what you changed. 

3) Refrain from adding personal bias/opinions when you edit or comment on a page. The Wiki is a place for proven, canonical evidence. Please keep things like ship bias, headcanons, personal opinions on a character, ect., to the comments section or your own Wiki profile page. 

4) If you are adding something that does not belong to you (ex: a translation) you must ask the owner if you may add it to the Wiki and you must put a link back to the place you found it. Again if you are unsure of how to do this you may add it however you can and in the edit notes you may ask someone to help you with this. Please make sure you get permission from the owner before you add it to the Wiki. If you do not get an answer or they say no, then you are not allowed to post it on the Wiki. Please be respectful of the owner's wishes.


Use the Source Editor as much as possible. This allows you to go into the page's code and is very helpful for most pages. Some pages have code that cannot be edited via the Visual Editor and you may ruin/wipe entire pages accidentally when trying to edit pages with complex code using the Visual Editor. If you're unsure of what you're doing you may ask for help in the comments. It also helps to preview your edits before you publish them. 


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