Tomohisa Kitakado Edit

Ryuji and Tomohisa are childhood friends, meeting some time after Ryuji was 7-years-old at a party and had played in the snow together. When they were older, they both joined Bambi and become the two person unit called Kitakore. The two also live together.

During Bambi, Tomohisa defended Ryuji from bullies along side with Yuta Ashu.

The two are very close, something that is often commented on. Tomohisa enjoys teasing Ryuji, often calling him cute and complimenting him while pointing out his reactions to certain things and people. Tomohisa has called Ryuji's smile bright and full of light that won't become clouded and wants to support and protect him, though Ryuji hopes Tomohisa wouldn't worry so much over him now that they are older. Tomohisa is very good at listening when Ryuji mentions something and noticing Ryuji's reactions to things, like when he wants something, but sometimes can lead to small disagreements, like Ryuji pointing out Tomohisa's habit of buying him things that he doesn't really need and tell him to ask before buying certain things. Ryuji encourages Tomohisa to learn common folk things, since Tomohisa's rich upbringing caused him to miss out on everyday things like laundry and cooking.

Ryuji struggles with solo work and will send JOIN stamps that are usually crying or depressed to let his feeling out better. He often naps and can usually be seen sleeping across Tomohisa's lap or leaning against him when he's tired. Tomohisa says that Ryuji's sleeping face is like an angels but when he wakes up, he's more on the devil side while Ryuji says Tomohisa resembles a lion because of his bed hair.

In the anime, Ryuji got jealous seeing Tomohisa talking and having fun with Tsubasa because he though he wouldn't look at him anymore and was shocked when he found out it was because they were talking about him.

Ryuji has once stated that there's no other partner for him but Tomohisa.

Tomohisa told Tsubasa that him and Ryuji were destined partners, though Ryuji didn't hear at the time since he was asleep.

Yuta Ashu Edit

Yuta is the second closest person to Ryuji, after Tomohisa. The two have much in common and enjoy eating sweets together and hang out together often.They work well together, sometimes playing small pranks on the others together.

When Ryuji was being bulled, Yuta would defend him alongside with Tomohisa Kitakado.

Yuta has gotten discouraged that he couldn't protect Ryuji like Tomohisa did when he lost his memories but Ryuji reassured and comforted Yuta, say that he had things he was good at and that he (Ryuji) wouldn't be happy unless he had both Yuta and Tomohisa in his life.

Kento Aizome Edit

Ryuji and Kento are known to share beauty tips back and forth. Ryuji wonders how Kento can be bad with his hands when he's constantly fixing his bangs, once calling him hopeless to which Kento retorts that Ryuji looks like feral child. Ryuji doesn't understand how Kento can always have girls on his mind. The two have a sibling like dynamic when they interact.

Goshi Kaneshiro Edit

Ryuji enjoys pranks and surprising Goshi, which annoys to constantly. Though not exactly close, Goshi doesn't like how Ryuji's father didn't seem to care enough to visit his own son when Ryuji had gotten injured.

Kenzo Matsukura Edit

Ryuji has a strained relationship with his family. He's seen getting upset when hearing about his father scandals with other women and tries to dodge questions about it when a reported cornered him about it, even running away after it got too much.

Matsukura commented that Ryuji understands his love for being an actor because they are both professionals. He hopes Ryuji is doing well and when told it's because of his star bloodline, says Ryuji's qualities are his own.

Tsubasa Sumisora Edit

Ryuji likes Tsubasa and enjoys having her around. They had a shaky start at first since Ryuji thought she was mocking him and Tomohisa and told her not to underestimate them since they are professionals but he has warmed up to her a lot since.

When Ryuji lost his memories in the anime, Tsubasa was concerned when his family wouldn't come to see him because of their work. Ryuji wanted to stop being an idol because he couldn't remember anything and got jealous of Tsubasa after seeing her talking with Tomohisa. After talking with her and seeing footage of when Kitakore performed, Ryuji opened up to her and said he really does love what his work.

He worries she might overdue things and shared his Chupa Chups with her as a way to keep her energy up.

In the game app, Tsubasa admires Kitakore's relationship.