• On June 28th B-Project: Muteki * Dangerous was finally released! Unfortunately, there have been multiple issues and the game is in a long maitenance. According to official Twitter accounts, more people than expected flooded the game on release day and this is forcing them to move and add servers, then tune and set up those servers. Talks in the company have been ongoing and it looks like they're aiming for Monday July 3rd JST for maitenance to be finished.

    For the time being, they are asking players not to log in until the maitenance is complete. Official Twitter accounts will be sure to update everyone on the situation, as will we to the best of our ability here on the wiki. Both the people at MAGES and the director/creator, Chiyomaru Shikura, have apologized profusedly over Twitter with each new tweet and will keep in touch as things progress. 

    I know it's hard, but just a little longer! Once they get their huge job done here then the game will be finally, finally ready for us! Remember, give them time and do not log into the game until the notice is given that maitenance is complete, and also please do not harrass the company or official Twitter accounts. That should go without saying, but they are hard at work fixing these problems and already feel bad about delaying the game multiple times. Just a little more patience, and before you know it Monday will be here and we can all enjoy the fruits of their labor!

    EDIT: Things are looking more and more stable, kudos to the management team for all their hard work! Keep tabs on the official game twitter as to when it goes into maitenance and when it comes back online. So far it's been up for about 24 hours today!

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